Coating line for powder coating

Surface pretreatment

Five-stage surface pretreatment with indirect heating:

  1. stage: degreasing + iron phosphating – Ferrophos 7766
  2. Grade: rinse with utility water
  3. Grade: rinse with demi-water
  4. grade: multimetallic passivation – Alfipas 7816
  5. Grade: rinse with demi-water

Drying oven with indirect heating

Automatic spray booth

Nordson plastic spray booth for automatic powder paint application with powder center.

Cyclone separator for reuse of powder paint with end filter.

Manual spray booth

Stainless steel spray booth for manual application of powder paints.

End filter for stainless steel cabin for separation of powder from exhaust air.

Kiln with indirect heating

Cooling zone

Conveyor system

Conveyor system: Power & Free

Conveyor speed: selectable up to 2.0 m/min

Passage profile

Maximum size of products on one hanger: 700x2000x3000 mm (WxHxD)

Maximum weight of products on one hanger: 300 kg