The management of INTEBO s.r.o. defines the following key priorities and policy of the integrated management system (IMS) for sustainable development of the company in the field of metalworking, joinery, purchase of goods for resale and road motor transport, followed by the set objectives of the IMS.

Quality of our products and services in accordance with customer requirements, legislation and standards

To provide our customers with our products with the required features, offer diverse solutions, create and evaluate. Certification of the management system for serial production of metal structures and furniture according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

The environment is part of our organisation

Addressing the impact of our production not only through compliance with legislation, but by setting targets to minimise the impact on the environment. Certification of the environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001.

Measures to eliminate potential risks

Technical or organisational methods and procedures focus on safety for all stakeholders in the workplace. Certification of the management system in the field of occupational safety and health according to ČSN ISO 45001.

Integrated management system policy

Customer orientation

Professional skills, task analysis, planning and execution efficiency

Communication and teamwork

High level of integrity and respect, solutions based on facts and identified root causes, understanding of others’ work, transparent communication.

Improvement, innovation

Accountability, reducing waste, implementing successful experiments and ideas, strengthening process capability.


Create comprehensive and strategic plans with effective and efficient results to maximize profits.

Management at each level of management is responsible for implementing these principles within its scope of authority and is committed to upholding them, providing the necessary resources to implement and maintain the IMS and funding activities in its areas of responsibility, preventing workplace accidents and impaired health, and ensuring safe and healthy workplaces and activities. It is committed to ensuring the achievement of the stated objectives, intended outcomes, to direct and support employees to contribute to the effective operation of the IMS in the face of continuous improvement, to support senior employees to demonstrate leadership in their areas of responsibility, to deliver the intended outcomes of the IMS, to develop, lead and support the culture of the organisation, to protect employees from sanctions when conducting incident, hazard, risk and opportunity reports and to support the establishment and operation of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The requirements of laws and regulations, continuous quality improvement, energy conservation, optimization of energy consumption, environmental protection and occupational safety are the responsibility of every employee of the company.

Agreed on 29. 01. 2021
Josef Šebek
Director General